The Loxal portal, is a secure, scalable, fully supported cloud-based custom built software solution that enables users of Loxal hardware to administer and manage their owned and rented units. IDACS can, by agreement, be integrated with clients existing software systems, please contact us for more information.

Once a Loxal IDACS product is installed the benefits soon become clear. Eliminate wasted man hours, waiting for keys, collecting keys, and associated key costs. Reduce your carbon footprint, increase compliance and productivity.

IDACS Management Portal & Key Safe

All Loxal products operate via IDACS.

Our platform, coupled with the new Loxal App, allows for seamless online code management and audit data retrieval, in line with the latest technological advances. The platform gives customers direct access and control over valuable asset portfolios and locations. 

Through both software and a diverse range of locking devices we have created a versatile access solution, adaptable to virtually any site requirement. The entire range has undergone and passed the rigorous ‘Sold Secure’ testing accreditation and earned a place on the official Police ‘Secured by Design’ register.

The Loxal range, is integrated with the ‘Resideo’, ‘Videofied’ alarm system which is another major system benefit.

With clients in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and North America, Loxal’s new IDACS access solution is fast becoming the industry standard in asset protection.

The IDACS Management Portal


Add and activate units
Clone units Add/delete users
Create auditors
Create user groups and accounts
Generate temporary codes
Delete codes
View audits


Group or temporary access codes issued to approved users via company administration, or by text and email

Different codes are available depending on user access requirements

Permanent or group codes are common across portfolios and sites

Flexible and traceable one day or weekly codes to provide emergency access

When access is no longer needed codes can be deleted


Generate a wide range of data and reports which give you a full audit trail of access history.


By using IDACS to control your onsite alarms you are increasing security and reducing administration.

Even temporary code holders have control of alarms meaning you do not need to issue sensitive alarm codes or issue fobs or tokens.

Videofied alarm systems integration (Optional).