IDACS – Intelligent Digital Access Control System

This is the name we give the software that sits behind all of our digital access solutions. It controls the interface on which end users can enter their personal access code to gain entry or exit to sites or premises.

How the system operates

The front end of IDACS is quite simply a number keypad. It’s essentially the same on all IDACS products, and it provides the interface on which end users can enter their personal access code to gain entry or exit to premises. The IDACS keypad also can be used to arm or disarm alarm.

IDACS units retain a multitude of timestamped events, including when individuals gain entry and exit. These events can then be converted – in the back-end of IDACS – into management information reports. Clients use this information when investigating crises, when negotiating rates with sub-contractors, or just to get an overview of how projects have gone, so they can make operational improvements next time round.

Idacs has been designed to offer sophisticated entry code and property management information in a temporary environment where mains power is not always available. This user friendly system allows a single, personalised PIN number to be issued to authorised users enabling easy access to the site regardless of the IDACS product installed.

Contractors working at specific sites can be allocated lower level, site specific, time limited codes which maintains greater security. Emergency 24 hour codes for individual sites can also be issued for complete operational flexibility.

IDACS Products

The full range of IDACS products are as follows:

Key Safes – offering all of the convenience of old-school key safes, but without the inherent security risks associated with issuing universal keys or access codes, plus all the benefits of remote control and digital data collection.

Lock Converter – is a temporary or permanent door fixture, that can replace any existing door lock that uses a euro barrel.

Multi-Purpose Lock/Site Lock – is the newest and most versatile IDACS product. It can be an intelligent and super-strong padlock, a locking bar on a gate, door, shutter – anything that has a locking bar basically. In fact the potential uses are almost infinite.

Locking Bar – anti forcing device for FEDs, secure doors in minutes, ultra strong and easy to use.
Steel Security Doors – the most advanced temporary security door on the market.
Alarm – our video verification/Verified alarm system operates with IDACS.

Further information on any of our IDACS products – can be found on the product specific pages.