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Bespoke security solutions with director-level service

Is your site secure?

It is estimated that reported theft-alone contributes to more than 800 million pounds worth of loses a year in the UK construction industry. Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to theft, vandalism and unwanted occupation, especially so when not properly secured.

Construction Site Secured by Loxal
New build houses building construction site, Cheshire, England,
Mobile app downloading audit
Block Lock securing construction site gates

Creating clear boundaries and implementing strategically placed, simple but effective access and security devices will greatly improve the security of your site or development. Temporary visual verified alarms and cctv towers enhance and improve security and protect your valuable assets until the work is complete and or handover is made.

Loxal provide a range of services that include, wireless visual verification alarms, manned guards, mobile cctv towers, site access control and audit, heras fencing, concrete blocks, physical steel security doors and screens. We will carry out a full survey , risk assessment and will advise on the best options depending on the size of the site.

All our systems are flexible and can be upgraded or downgraded depending on the progress of the site.

Key benefits:

  • Bespoke security solutions with director-level service
  • Loxal IDACS digital site lock and integrated temporary video verification alarm system, 24-7 monitoring and best in class response services
  • IDACS code management, controls alarm, logs attendance
  • Integrated video verification monitored wireless alarm system. Stand alone visually verified PIRs mean no more false alarms and expensive call out charges
  • Largest response network and patrol network in the UK
  • Monitor attendance, expand system as site progresses, provide sectional access control, site inspections, remote code management,short/long term rental

What to do next?

Call 0800 9172994 to find out more and arrange a free survey.

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