Social housing, repairs and maintenance

Not meeting KPI targets for your void property turnarounds?

Do you want to improve the process and reduce your carbon footprint, whilst at the same time monitoring who and when is accessing the site?

The solution is Loxal IDACS wireless access control products and code management. We provide a range of ultra secure wireless access products designed for the use in the most demanding environments.

Our operating system “IDACS” is a simple user friendly code management tool designed to offer increased security and efficiency benefits during the repairs and maintenance stage and void property process.

IDACS is installed in all Loxal products from key/lock boxes and lock converters to temporary security doors and locking bars. All products are pin code operated and user friendly. These units can be installed in just a few minutes and can be moved from site to site limitlessly.

IDACS records a comprehensive time and date “stamped” audit trail of activity at each property. This management information allows clients to review not only site attendance but also misuse and unusual activity. IDACS is specified by some of the countries biggest organisations, to discover all the benefits and to find out more detail please go to our IDACS page or CLICK HERE

Benefits include:

  • Speeds up the repairs and maintenance procedure
  • Cut costs of key duplication and Lock changes.
  • A significant reduction in tradesmen/contractors visiting offices, to collect and drop off keys.
  • Frees up time for void managers and repairs coordinators.
  • A socially responsible reduction in CO2 emissions, from the unnecessary driver miles.
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Wrong keys, lost keys, hunting down keys, aborted visits, waiting time, travel to and from offices to pick up and drop off keys is eliminated. So saving expensive staff time, parking fines and the environment. The result is property is returned to occupancy faster.
  • Loxal is part of the Official Police Security Initiative

Designed and manufactured in the UK

If temporary security is required why not look at our IDACS locking bars and void security doors.

Boarding up or screening properties can often attract unwanted attention, impede authorised entry and have a negative impact on the area making re-letting or re-sale more difficult.

The locking bar can be quickly installed on any entrance door that has a central letter flap. No measuring, or intrusive fixings are required as the locking bar has a unique internal clamping mechanism.

The most advanced void security door ever produced. The all steel construction has been designed to offer maximum security, simple and light operation and has a wide range of opening control options to suit your specific requirements.

Wireless CCTV Verified alarm systems can be quickly deployed on any property without mains power requirements and are monitored 24/7.

To find out more please visit or product page or CLICK HERE