Scottish Council – IDACS Keysafes for repairs and maintenance

CLIENT: East Dunbartonshire Council

Various across the council district

EDC were experiencing problems with key management and access control to voids during the repairs and maintenance phase. Issuing keys and key collection from council offices create management headaches and associated costs and time wasted was a constant problem.

Loxal supplied EDC with a small quantity of IDACS Letterbox Key Safes for a free of charge, no obligation 4 week trial. The units were delivered fully programmed with EDC code profile and all the documentation and instruction needed to complete a trial that would show not only the product benefits but also allow EDC to establish the correct types of key safes required and the quantity they would need.

The trial was a great success and led to the outright purchase of IDACS Letterbox key safes.

“We were looking for something other than the usual barrel coded key safes, these require power tools to fit, tend to get ripped off the walls and also highlight the keys are on site. We found Loxal’s letterbox key safe on their website and it looked perfect. Very easy to fit, inconspicuous and ultra secure. The IDACS coding protocol is fantastic and gives us complete control over the access requirements of our staff, workforce and subcontractors. The 24 hour codes are extremely useful. The trial was set up quickly and easily and was a huge success. We would definitely recommend IDACS key safes to other organisations like ours”

Alan McLean
East Dunbartonshire Council
Technical Advisor