Protective Screens

Secure screens and Chameleon graphics. In our opinion the current standard of screening within the industry could be much improved.

Major weaknesses exist, particularly the use of multiple cut sheets of steel overlapping which can seriously compromise the level of security and cause a negative effect on the area surrounding the property.

Our unique modular window screen panels have been designed to fit almost any window shape and size, thus maintaining an unobtrusive appearance combined with maximum security. Once the correct size is achieved they can be framed for additional security.

Any windows and or doors we secure can have our optional Chameleon Graphics System applied which disguises void properties.

Mimicking traditional front entrance doors and windows improves the appearance of vacant dwellings without reducing security against vandals, theft and squatting. Properties secured with the addition of Chameleon Graphics make better void neighbours for tenants, improve re-sale and re-let times and maintain local property values.