Letterbox Keysafe

The new KSL Letterbox Keysafe is the ideal solution for discrete,temporary on-site key management and access control.

Our digital IDACS Letterbox Key Safe is incredibly inconspicuous, secure and convenient. Store spare keys for staff, trades, friends, relatives, carers and temporary occupiers and keep an up-to-date audit trail of all activity, giving you detailed information in who exactly used the safe and when, should the need arise.

The key safe has been independently tested and has achieved “Police Preferred Specification” status from Secured by Design.

Due to our unique locking system the KS draws very little power meaning batteries will last between two and four years.

The Key Safe is quick to install, without intrusive fixings and with no damage to the door. It’s incredibly secure; not a single breach has ever been recorded.

Inside the lock box drawer, several keys can be stored including Mortice Lock keys. Keys can be attached to the retractable wire lanyard, so the keys remain at the safe and are not removed accidently from site.

A choice of storage options are available for the original letter flap, so this can be retained and kept safe. The letter box can be completely sealed preventing the ingress of unwanted mail and incendiaries, or opened to receive mail.

Like all Loxal products, the Letterbox Key Safe is operated by IDACS, our unique, secure code management system. Please view IDACS page for more information.

Use for this product include elderly or domiciliary care, family and friends’ access, temporary or emergency accommodation, schools and student accommodation, second homes, holiday homes and lets, retail and commercial, hostels, property guardians

Main features and benefits

  • Incredibly inconspicuous
  • Ultra secure and robust
  • Record activity of use
  • Keys are retained within the lock box on retractable wire lanyard
  • Self expiring codes
  • Move from site to site
  • Optional letter slot/mail opening
  • Damage-free installation
  • Simple to use and easy to fit
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

“The Loxal letterbox key safe has achieved Secured by Design’s Police Preferred Specification accreditation, which is awarded only when a product meets its rigorous police security requirements.  Secured by Design provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime and keep people safe“.

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design