IDACS Lock Converter

Convert any euro profile lock to digital access in minutes. No carpenter or lock changes required. The IDACS Lock Converter takes on the use of the current euro locking system and effectively replaces the keys. So if you have a multi point locking door all the locks will continue to operate in the exact same way as before. The lock has all the benefits of a hardwired access control system in a ultra secure, easy to install, user friendly, battery operated wireless lock.

The range of IDACS access control units created by Loxal means virtually any door type can be utilised.

IDACS units come programmed with 200 permanent specific user codes and emergency daily codes, weekly codes, guard codes and site closure codes. Temporary access can be issued and all data is recorded for auditing as required.

IDACS units are used throughout the country in all types of domestic and commercial situations that include vacant property, construction site offices, commercial units, domiciliary care, temporary accommodation, hostels, property guardians, student accommodation, cleaners, school children, carers, builders etc.

Loxal IDACS units are used on thousands of properties every year and not a single breach has been reported.

  • IDACS Coding System*
  • Ultra strong, Incredibly robust, secure and versatile
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Installation
  • No Keys
  • Various attachments and fitting options
  • Long battery life
  • Integrates with RSI Videofied Alarm systems
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK