Integrated Void Alarm System

The IDACS remote wireless, video verified alarm system, is a fully-monitored, battery-operated system, designed to protect vacant residential, construction and commercial property, from the risks of vandalism, arson, squatting and theft.

The system can be rapidly deployed internally and externally without mains power or telephone lines and can be fully interfaced with any Loxal IDACS-enabled product.

The system features internal and external PIR intruder detection with video verification. This wireless technology is designed for fast data transfer to verify if the alarm is real or not. Alarm activations are monitored 24/7, where experienced staff at the NSI Gold rated Alarm Receiving Centre will instruct the appropriate response; this could be the Police, key holders or simply to ignore. This greatly reduces the number of false alarm attendances.

On-site sirens and speakers for verbal warnings will disperse any would be thieves quickly. The Loxal alarm is a sophisticated, easy to use, low-cost alternative to manned guarding.

Outline key features

  • Quick and easy installation and user friendly 
  • Can be pre-programmed to set or unset at specific times
  • Upon an intruder activation, a 10-second video clip is sent to the ARC via GPRS for monitoring and actioning
  • Integrates with IDACS access control products. This keeps a comprehensive audit of on-site activity as well as secure keyless access. 
  • Internal and external 
  • Wireless smoke detection  
  • Up to 25 peripherals can be added to the system
  • Stand alone, requires no mains power or telephone lines and can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Largest network of keyholder and response teams in the UK