The Block Lock

The IDACS Block Lock is the ideal solution for remote wireless security and access control.

Truly innovative, truly multi-purpose, secure, user-friendly digital site lock designed to be used in the most demanding industrial environments.

Ease of installation and the vast array of applications make the IDACS Block Lock our most popular product innovation to date. The user-friendly interface combined with secure, sophisticated technology ensures seamless access control in a wireless, battery operated unit.

With audit software you would expect to find on a hardwired access system, the Block Lock is first choice for countless applications and operations, including utilities sites, property managers, construction companies, facilities management companies, site offices and storage, haulage operators and many more.

The Block Lock integrates fully with Loxal’s video verification wireless alarm system, so administrators and site managers will no longer have to issue separate codes for the alarm; this, combined with IDACS emergency codes, creates even greater security.

The Block Lock has been independently tested and has achieved “Police Preferred Specification” status from Secured by Design.

Due to our unique internal operating system, the BL draws very little power meaning batteries will last between two and four years.

Like all Loxal products, the Block Lock is operated by IDACS, our unique, secure code management system.
To discover all the benefits of using IDACS, and to find out more, please go to our IDACS page or click HERE
Uses include:
● Vehicle entrance gates
● Remote sites and facilities
● Construction site
● Hoarding
● Pedestrian gates
● Palisade fencing
● Storage units
● Garages
● Roller shutters
● Warehouses
● Depots
● Industrial units
● Shipping containers
● HGV containers
● Equestrian facilities
● Offices and welfare units

“The IDACS Block Lock is an important product in the marketplace as it provides effective solution for remote site security and access control”

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design