Face Fix Key Safe

The Face Fix Key Safe features a large drawer for storing a number of keys and access swipe cards and is the ideal solution for on-site key management and access control. Compatible with Videofied Alarms-Poles-Pairs-Arm-Disarm-Tamper

Face Fix Key Safes can be installed traditionally into solid substrates and also in a number of smart non-intrusive methods including spy hole and s-trap.

The Key Safe is incredibly secure and convenient. Store keys for carers, , friends, relatives, trades, staff, temporary occupiers or paying guests and keep an up-to-date audit trail of all activity, giving you detailed information in who exactly used the safe and when, should the need arise.

The key safe has been independently tested Sold Secure Bronze and has achieved “Police Preferred Specification” status from Secured by Design.

Due to our unique locking system the Key Safe draws very little power meaning batteries will last between two and four years.

Inside the lock box drawer, several keys and access cards can be stored including Mortice Lock keys. Keys are attached to the retractable wire lanyard, so the keys remain at the safe , not in someone’s pocket or removed accidentally from site.

Like all Loxal products the Face Fix Key Safe is operated by IDACS, our unique, secure code management system. Please view IDACS page for more information or click HERE

Applications for this product include family and friends’ access, vacant property, retail and commercial, storage and warehouse facilities, utilities sites, construction sites, temporary or emergency accommodation, schools and student accommodation, second homes, holiday homes and lets, hostels, property guardians and elderly or domiciliary care.

Main features and benefits

  • Safe, secure and robust
  • Record activity of use
  • Keys are retained within the lock box on retractable wire lanyard
  • Self-expiring codes, daily , weekly
  • Permanent codes
  • Move from site to site
  • Damage free installation-Spy hole and S-Trap
  • Simple to use and easy to fit
  • Sold Secure Bronze
  • Secured by Design
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain.

The spy hole fixing allows for the key safe to be secured internally via a coach bolt through an existing door viewer hole. Very simple to install, non-intrusive and damage free.

For further detail and installation instructions, see the downloads and support pages.

The S-Trap installation method creates the most convenient, easy-to-use lock box we have ever made. The safe requires no tools or fixings whatsoever.

Simply hang the safe over the hinge side of the door making sure the locating strip is in the correct position, close the door and it’s done! Instantly, you have incredibly secure on-site key storage. The keys are installed on an extra-long wire lanyard inside the safe, so they stay at the site and not in someone’s pocket.
The S-Trap uses an ultra-strong flexible webbing strap, so it can be installed on all door types including PVC and fire doors. In the event of fire, the sacrificial strap will burn off meaning the key safe does not interfere with the integrity of the fire door.

For further detail and installation instructions, see the downloads and support pages.

Wall or solid substrate fitting.

The Key Safe should be installed into a solid substrate such as brick, steel or concrete.  We have designed an installation bracket for the unit making install very simple and safe. 

Fur further detail and installation instructions, see the downloads and support pages.