Loxal’s unique range of on-site key management and access control technology for occupied or vacant properties reduces costs through improved operational productivity.

Wrong keys, lost keys, hunting down keys, aborted visits, waiting time, travel to pick-up and drop-off keys become a thing of the past. Loxal can save expensive staff time, reduce vehicle mileage and repairs costs which can be re-invested returning the void to occupation.
Recent social housing pilots have demonstrated:-

  • Up to 7- day reduction in void durations
  • One-week additional rent gain
  • 15% increase in operational productivity of void repairs teams
  • Pay-back of Loxal costs by saving just minutes of staff time each day

Security is enhanced through Loxal’s IDACS access control technology controlling who can access property keys, when and for how long. A detailed audit trail of all activity at the void is recorded giving insight into the void turnaround process and timescales.

IDACS coding is universal to all Loxal products from keysafes through to anti-vandal steel security doors, locking bars and void alarm systems to deliver a complete, user-friendly access control and void security solution. The Loxal void alarm system is dis-armed and re-armed externally through the IDACS technology.

Letterbox Keysafe

Wrong keys, lost keys, hunting down keys, aborted visits, waiting time, travel to pick-up and drop-off keys become a thing of the past.
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Multi Installation Keysafes

Our door viewer keysafe is the ideal solution for temporary on-site key management and access control and is an alternative where the Loxal letterbox keysafe is not suitable.
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IDACS Block Lock

Truly innovative, truly multi purpose, ultra secure user friendly digital sitelock designed to be used in the most demanding industrial environments.
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Digital Locking Bar

The new Digital Locking Bar from Loxal Security solves many of the problems associated with securing vacant residential properties.
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IDACS Lock Converter

Convert any Euro Profile Lock to digital access in minutes. The IDACS Lock Converter takes on the use of the current euro locking system and effectively replaces the keys.
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Protective Screens

Secure screens and Chameleon graphics. In our opinion the current standard of screening within the industry could be much improved.
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IDACS Integrated Void
Alarm System

A wireless, fully monitored, battery operated void alarm system designed to protect vacant residential and commercial property from the risks of vandalism, arson, squatting and theft. The unit can be rapidly deployed in property without mains power or telephone lines and complements the Loxal range of access control and physical security services.
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Advanced Void
Digital Security Door

The most advanced void security door ever produced. The all steel construction has been designed to offer maximum security, simple and light operation and has a wide range of opening control options.
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