Letterbox Keysafe

The new KSL Letterbox Keysafe is the ideal solution for discrete, temporary on-site key management and access control. The Letterbox keysafe temporarily replaces the existing entrance door letterflap and is installed without damage to the door leaf by a unique clamping mechanism.

Long-life battery technology powers the IDACS access control software enabling a comprehensive audit trail of activity at the void – even door movement – to be downloaded. Permanent IDACS codes, short-term codes or 24-hour codes can be allocated to different user-groups. These can be universal to all client properties, neighbourhood or property specific.

A mobile guard patrol code verifies attendance at the property without allowing access. 
Out-going employees or terminated contractors and sub-contractors can be barred from further access to the property portfolio with a simple re-programming of the IDACS protocol.

Property managers don’t have to wait (or hope) that keys – especially universally suited keys – are returned. Any attempted unauthorised access is recorded.

The robust steel key safe can securely retain the property rim lock (Yale-type) and 5-lever mortice lock (Chubb-type) keys. Keys are retained on a retractable wire lanyard which ensures they are not removed from site. 
A choice of storage for the original letterflap is available from a simple clamp through to an integrated box to house fixtures and fitting, repairs paperwork, job sheets, risk assessments etc. The letter box can be completely sealed preventing the ingress of unwanted mail and incendiaries or opened to receive mail. 

Alternative uses include elderly or domiciliary care, temporary or emergency accommodation, hostels, property Guardians etc. These applications benefit from the ability to offer short-term, property-specific 24-hour or short-term codes together with a time / date stamped audit of entry and exit from the property. So allowing time at each property to be calculated.

  • Features IDACS access control technology
  • Audit trail of all activity at the property
  • Controls who can access property keys and when
  • Fits almost all letter boxes
  • Optional letter slot/mail opening
  • Damage free installation
  • Simple to use
  • Low cost rental
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain