Digital Locking Bar

The new Digital Locking Bar from Loxal Security solves many of the problems associated with securing vacant residential properties.

Boarding up or screening properties can often attract unwanted attention, impede authorised entry and have a negative impact on the area making re-letting or re-sale more difficult.
The bar is available on a rental basis and is quickly installed by our professional fitters without causing damage to the door or frame. Fitted to almost any single inward opening door with a central horizontal letter flap, the bar adjusts to fit around the door frame providing a high level of security against forcing. It may be used independently, or supplement the existing locking arrangements. A secure key safe is incorporated to hold the property keys.

Locking and unlocking is a quick and simple process, the bar is fitted as standard with multi code level keypad. To unlock simply enter the 5 digit code and slide the locking slider back and open the door. In the unlocked position access to the key safe is gained. Once inside, push the door closed and re-lock by pushing the central locking handle. This will allow you to remain secure within the building whilst still permitting other authorised personnel to enter, however this function can be switched off.
Locking and re-locking can be completed within a few seconds, the letter flap is sealed preventing incendiaries and unwanted mail from entering.

  • High Security
  • Low visibility
  • Blocks off letter box
  • Reusable
  • Damage free installation
  • Simple to use
  • Keyless operation
  • Internal locking
  • Integrated key safe
  • Low rental costs