IDACS Integrated Void Alarm System

The IDACS Integrated Void Alarm System is a wireless, fully monitored, battery operated system designed to protect vacant residential and commercial property from the risks of vandalism, arson, squatting and theft. The unit can be rapidly deployed internally and externally without mains power or telephone lines and can be fully interfaced with any Loxal IDACS enabled product.

The system features internal and external PIR intruder detection with optional video verification which offers fully verified alarm response before intruders or squatters attempt to breach physical security to gain entry to the property.

Monitored 24-hours a day, alarm activations can be responded to by nominated key-holders or Loxal teams.

System Features

The Alarm and its ancillary detectors feature Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signal integrity and security. Bi-directional radio frequency communication paths between all system devices and the system control panel assure high signal reliability. Status transmissions occur every eight minutes between each device (excluding Key-fobs) and the control panel to identify its unique ID code along with the current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, manufacture date, software revision and battery condition. Radio jam detection identifies deliberate jamming of the system by external transmissions.

The control panel and each peripheral detector or control unit is powered by 3.6-volt lithium batteries that can last up to two years, depending on the amount of system activity.

A dual-tamper function is active 24 hours, whether or not the system is armed. An alarm occurs if the control panel cover is removed, or if the control panel is removed from the mounting surface. A built-in siren provides status beeps and alarm sounds.

Internal & External Pir Activated Video Verification

The battery operated, wireless internal or outdoor motion activated camera is designed for use in IDACS void alarm systems. Motion-activated cameras are intended for applications where video verification of alarm activations is desired. When the alarm system is armed and the motion detector senses movement, the detector activates the built-in camera, which captures a 10 second digital video segment. The alarm activation and captured video segment are wirelessly communicated to the central monitoring station and stored for future use. The video can also be sent to an Email address for viewing.

The unit consists of a digital camera, a passive infrared motion detector, and S2 VIEW spread spectrum, interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two way communications with the control panel. The camera consists of a CMOS black and white sensor and an 85 degree, wide angle lens. For motion detection, a Fresnel lens inside the cover captures a 12m wide, 90 degree angle passive infrared pattern. Two infrared LED’s provide night / low-light illumination to a distance of approximately 8 metres. A tamper function provides unit cover tamper detection.

Access Control & Key Management

It features fully automated and remote arming and disarming of the alarm system. This avoids multiple keys, key-fobs or alarm codes having to be issued to property managers, their contractors and sub-contractors. The system operates on the Loxal iDACS coding system meaning that each individual will have a single personalised code to enter an agreed set of properties which operates both the physical and electronic security deployed at each site.

Wireless Peripheral Devices

Outdoor MotionViewer cameras – detect intruder movement/motion and activates a built-in camera for remote video verification of intrusion alarms
Indoor MotionViewer camera – detect intruder movement/motion and activate a built-in camera for remote video verification of intrusion alarms.
Smoke sensor – detect the build up of fumes / smoke associated with fire or arson within the property
Control Unit – manages the wireless peripheral detectors and readers communicating alarm events, video verification packages, arm / dis-arm signals and test signals to the Alarm Receiving Centre
Alphanumeric Keypads – allow complete system operation and on-site configuration/programming if required. Alternatively a fully remote, automated arming / dis-arming facility through the 24-hour monitoring centre can be used based on Loxal iDACS codes
Door Contacts – detect door and window open/close activity. An external input allows a wired connection from standard security switches and outputs from other hardwired detection devices
Keyfobs – allow limited system operation and panic alarm / lone worker capability in a portable, convenient package.
Interior Sirens – provide status beeps and alarm activation alerts throughout the premises where needed.
Exterior Sirens/Strobes – provide alarm sounds and visual identification of alarm site for responding authorities.
Badge Reader – consists for status information, a built in sounder, interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control panel.